Notes From the Bamboo Forest

My favorite F.T.P. (friend to pandas) Henry Nicholls, of The Way of the Panda fame,  writes that there are 3 classes of folks in regard to pandas. First are pandaphiles, those who love pandas; next are pandaphobics, who are obviously quite insane, cause who doesn’t love pandas; and next are the pandapathetics, of whom we dare not speak.  We at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire maintain that there are 3 more groups, in regard to pandas.  The first is pandapologists, those who make excuses for pandas; next are the pandaholics, who can usually be found watching endless panda videos on youtube, (my personal favorite is baby pandas playing on a slide).  Pandaholics can often become pandalusional, from watching too many videos of adorable pandas, and believe that they have a “special understanding of pandas”

I’m just sayin’.

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

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