News Flash! Bob T. Panda travels to London!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, One of Bob T.’s representatives was invited, quite on the spur of the moment, to travel to London with his good friend Suzanne S.  We had stopped into to visit her at her Sunday job, working at Brackenwood Gallery, in beautiful Langley, WA.

“I thought you were already in London,” I said.

“No, I leave tomorrow!” replied Suzanne.  “Maybe Mini-Bob would like to join me on my trip.”

So then, Mini-Bob and I had to have a conversation about what he would do in London.  Perhaps a visit to the National Portrait Gallery to see Beatrix Potter’s portrait.  “I’m definitely NOT going to Tate Modern,” said Mini-Bob, “but I would like to go and see the wonderful Pre-Raphaelaite paintings at Tate Britain.  Babette gets to go everywhere, and I really need to check up on the torch bears, and maybe Suzanne will take me to Edinburgh to visit Sunshine and Sweetie.  I could give them some ‘pointers’ for next year.”

I suggested that Mini-Bob not get too up close and personal with the Scottish pandas, as they might accidentally think he was a cuppycake, as he is small and round, and quite sweet looking.  He promised he would be careful, and also that he would write a journal of his trip, and send them to me via email from his mephone.

I think it's high time that SOMEONE checks up on the torch bears


We’ve already received his first communication, sent from his seat (in first class, no less) on his Pand-Air flight to London:

“Hi everyone! Here I am on Pand-Air flight 999 to London Heathrow!  It’s really fun sitting in First Class.  I should add that my hostess on the trip, Suzanne, was not able to fly in first class, but the flight attendants assure me that they will make sure I don’t get left behind when we get off the plane in London.  I was planning on sharing Suzanne’s seat, but when the flight attendants saw me, they INSISTED I ride in front.  When we get over the ocean, and there is no chance of hitting anything, they said they’d even let me fly the plane for a little bit.  After all, everyone loves pandas.  They just can’t do enough for me!

BTW, going through security was a breeze.  Since pandas don’t wear clothes (Babette excepted) they could see I didn’t have anything not permitted with me, so they waved me through, although all the agents wanted to frisk me, as I am so cute.  I’ll write again tomorrow!  This is so exciting!”

Of course I should mention that Suzanne is now an esteemed member of the Roll of Honor, for her generous offer to take Mini-Bob with her on this trip.  I hope they will send pictures of Mini-Bob as he takes Britain by storm!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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