2 thoughts on “More from Pandapalooza!

  1. Barbara

    I sympathize with Mehitabel’s outrage.

    Focused study is needed to fully comprehend panda punctuation, including the proper use of semipandas or pandentheses.

    I encourage Bob T. Panda to set a better example to pandas, panderers, and would-be pandas everywhere.

    There are no pandaceas!!


    Blue Horse

  2. AuntieGrammmie

    Yes—Committed is a great word to discuss. If much more of this gets out somebody will get committed, and it will not have anything to do with ecology or punctuation. It looks like if I keep clicking here and there I may not ge to my second e-mail of the day. I do not have much to give to the Pandas in material things, but I refuse to hand over what is left of my brain. I am over 40,000 E-Mails behind because I was too Ill to sit at he computer and, unlike most pandas, I do not have a laptop to work in bed. I am recovering, but I am not up to strength yet. Please stop being so creative, unless you acquire the power to create more time…Thank You …Love Grammmie


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