Fun with Pandas

I did promise everyone that after the election was over I would shut my yap and get back to pandas all the time and not pandas behaving badly, but the FUN pandas, the cute, adorable ones. Yes, yes, it is more entertaining when bears are behaving badly, but I think we all need a little break with some unbridled cuteness! While in real life, the Meihem twins have gone on to their new adventure in China (and adjusting quite well, I might add) in the world of panda satire, Lun Lun does not have to give up her free baby sitters. She can go off on spa trip with her best buddies from the other zoos, and Bert and Ernie can stay home and watch their new baby sisters!

Denial is a wonderful thing, is it not?

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Between the time I Drew this cartoon and now, my worst fear has materialized. I’m not going to add to the trauma right now with yet another iteration of why I think the outcome of this election is such a bad thing. Enjoy today’s presentation and take a deep breath. I’m afraid that as art is always a reflection of the experieience of the artist, cuteness alone will not suffice. I mean, pandas ARE always cute, but they suffer from angst as well.

The cartoons in the next few weeks or months will most likely reflect what I am feeling, so be prepared. I will be sorry if you feel you need to step away for a while, but I do understand. I have unsubscribed to a thing or two this past week because I needed to for my own peace of mind.

Y’all are da bears.



It’s a girl! It’s another girl!

15 thoughts on “Fun with Pandas

  1. Gina Koo

    LOL!! I love it! Baby “Pinky” in training!! I have to wonder, though, how they knew about the infamous magic wand. I mean, there’s no way that the Meihems would’ve revealed that dark & evil secret . . . or would they?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I don’t really have a sense of who they are yet, but I suspect they will be their own pandas. Pinky is having a rather hard time accepting her loss in the election.

      1. Vicky V

        I think that the world is in shock that our Cubber Girl and Icon didn’t win. I think we underestimated just how mean Mitten’s and his followers would be. Who would have thought they would stop grooming themselves long enough to vote? Tell Pinky she should be proud that she is not that mean and hateful. I think she needs to broaden her horizon. The world needs something to cling to now. A powerful, young, intelligent, girl panda in a pink tutu and a magic wand sounds good to me. Pinky for Princess of the world!!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Pinky is quite devestated and not nearly ready to move on with things. Sort of…um…like me. I am still in shock. And racism, hate crimes, discrimination against muslims, blacks and women aside (as if that were possible) I think Trump is going to bankrupt this country and walk away with all the money. He is already saying he wants to spend “weekends” in NYC. So, he won’t be working (if he even knows what that is) and the cost of secret service protection and transportaion in non-whitehouse locations is immense. Not only is there the plane, but all the helicopters that go where ever the president goes. Plus he wants to keep running his businesses? Can’t anyone tell him no? That’s not how things are done?
          Can you tell I am a bit keyed up?

          1. Vicky V

            I think we’re all keyed up! Among all the dangers he represents, bankrupting the country is one of the more likely ones. Give Pinky a big hug from Down Under. She can take all the time she needs.

          2. Panda in Chief Post author

            My emotional rollar coaster continues. I am wondering how quickly I could pull together a PandaChronicles Apocalyptic Inauguration Day Advent Calendar. To the drawing board….

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