Fabulous Furry Friday celebrates the Panda Season of L-o-o-o-o-ve

It’s the panda, the panda season of love….

In dear old Edinburgh, Scotland, Sweetie considers whether she will favor Sunshine’s courtship; Ya Ya, down in Memphis, has engaged a reproduction specialist, and Bai Yun?…hmmmm…enquiring minds want to know whether she is hanging up her sultry red dress and retiring from the mom biz…..

"It was dark....there were men in masks...."

“It was dark….there were men in masks….”

I hope people haven't had enough of silly love songs!

I hope people haven’t had enough of silly love songs!

A panda by any other name, would smell...well, they would just smell...

See us at stud-muffins are us!

panda movie

An educational movie for pandas….

panda movie

There…now do you see?

And even though this doesn’t have anything to do with the panda season of lo-o-o-o-ove, I just wanted to post this cartoon because it makes me happy!

...if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da-  AAARGH!  I can't stop!!!!!

…if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da- AAARGH! I can’t stop!!!!!

Have an excellent pandy weekend!
Be the bear,
Bob T. Panda





10 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday celebrates the Panda Season of L-o-o-o-o-ve

  1. aske55

    Que X-Files music…. ‘men in masks’ Hahahahaha…

    Those are great. Haven’t seen those yet.

    Now I’ll be whistling Fiddler on the Roof all afternoon….yikes!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I am not a grizzly….I do not eat hikers in the woods, I don’t think a panda should!
      Everybody Hoopah!

  2. Deb Collett

    I want to know just how much wine you have been drinking, because these cartoons are J.u.s.t. t.o.o. f.u.n.n.y.!! Oh….um…maybe it’s me… Oh dear……oops..

  3. RZT

    I am passing from the A to Z, well when I say passing i am randomly bouncing all over the place. I am helping back stage this year so am presently looking at some of the blogs taking part saying hello and wishing everyone good luck. I can see that there is a slight possibility that Pandas may be present here as you work your way through the alphabet . And for that reason I feel I may have to follow your alphabetical journey, as I plan to write Aardvark nonsense poetry, it is a common fact that pandas and aardvarks have a deep love of poetry.

    Rob Z Tobor

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Hey, thanks for the visit! I’m looking forward to the A to Z, and while I probably can’t do a whole cartoon each day, I do plan to have fun with this idea. Aardvarks love poetry too? what a coincidence!!! Pandas particularly love poetry (it’s a ‘P’ thing, after all) and you can bet when we get to the “p” day, pandas will be bursting out all over!
      Pandas will definitely be present here (since our brain is consumed with all things panda) We look forward to the challenge of finding affinity (hey! there’s our first word!) for words that start with something other than ‘P’…it’s a tough job but we’ll do our pandiest.
      Be the bear….er…the aardvark.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I agree! There just can’t be enough singing and dancing pandas. Everybody Chuppah!!!!!


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