Day 24: T’was the night before Crispmoss

T’was the night before Crispmoss
and all through the den,
not a panda was eating
one cupcake or ten,

When up in the Hemlock
there rose such a yell,
“if that was a joke,
you can all go to…”

“Now Pinky come down here,
and watch that bad talk!
That ouchie wire’s there
’cause you’re not ‘spposed to walk

So close to the fence,
now come down from that tree!
I am your mother,  you
must listen to me!”

But Pinky stayed up in
her favorite tree.
Her mother, she pleaded,
“It’s a quarter past three.

The keepers should all be
home snug in their beds,
and me with a fruitie,
now mind what I said!”

But little miss Pinky
She took her sweet time,
And that is the end
of my little rhyme.

In memory of last year’s Occupy Hemlock, Christmas Eve sit in by the real life Princess Pinky. Dedicated to all panda keepers, all around the world.

And now, On the Fourth Day of Crispmoss…

four pandas sneaking...

four pandas sneaking…

...and a Pinky in a Hemlock tree!

…and a Pinky in a Hemlock tree!

Be the Bear. You’ve been very, very good, haven’t you? Then maybe Pandy Claws will bring you something wonderful, Like pandas to Seattle!

Bob T. Panda





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