Alert! All fans of Bob!

I decided to move up my launch of my new KICKSTARTER PROJECT : Your Brain on Pandas: Book 1 of The Panda Chronicles to tomorrow, at noon, instead of waiting a week, deciding that I am as ready as I am ever going to be!  Stay tuned for updates, lots more cartoons in the weeks to come, as well as Mehitabel’s trials and tribulations with the panda kindergarten.

We will also have interviews with Bob, Babette, Mehitabel (when she is not in hiding) and the panda kindergarten, as well as on the spot interviews with pandas around the world.

Get ready…….


Be the (very excited) Bear

Bob T. Panda

12 thoughts on “Alert! All fans of Bob!

  1. Norma Cooper

    Where, when and how can us constant readers send out money and get our just reward, THE BOOK. By the way you are not the only one laughing out loud all alone in a room in front of a computer, we all giggle at you. Do yourself a nice deed…go see the New Look of the Panda~Can At the San Diego Zoo, and at the top of comments, under the blog write~up catch a full screen 3 week old Panda all by itself video! What the heck, here is the link…to the blog, scroll down to video.
    What the heck, here is the link for the Web~cam too.
    Love Grammmie

    1. Bob T Panda

      Tomorrow at 12:01 Pacific time, I will launch my project! Then you can sign up and invite pandas into your home! Huzzah! have the cuppycakes ready.
      PS: I have already watched, cooed and marveled at the video of our new little cubby. Quite frankly, I’m hoping it is a little girl, so I can dress her cartoon alter ego in little frilly dresses. Of course, I could do it even if it turns out to be a boy, but there would be consequences to that.

      1. Lucilla Teoh

        Please Bob, let’s not have a repeat of the Lani Bear incident, not sure if Mei Lan has gotten over his pink phase yet.


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