A new cartoon is in progress!

Silly me, I forgot to post the official Roll of Honor graphic when I awarded Lee her membership, but I also need to post this AGAIN for repeat Roll of Honor member Sharen H., for her work as the lead team member of the Stuffy Panda Rescue Foundation.  Sharen has once again plucked a poor, lonesome stuffy panda from a life of squalor and degradation and delivered him to the Stuffy Panda Rehabilitation Center at the Hospital for Indigent Pandas, which was, of course, founded by the lovely Babette de Panda.  He has already made friends with the other stuffy pandas and I know he’ll be very happy here.

Tomorrow I will post the first installment of an extended cartoon story, The Panda Kindergarten’s Italian Adventure!  Huzzah!

Till tomorrow,

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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