A Halloween Carol: Part 3

Well, well, well…what would Mr. Dickens say about this representation of Jacob Marley? Will Pinky listen to the lessons that the various spirits are going to bring her?  We shall see, we shall see, in this episode of A Halloween Carol

Mr Wu makes a very cute ghost, don't you think?

Mr Wu makes a very cute ghost, don’t you think?

Oh my! What will happen next? who will represent the spirits of past, present and future? Do you think I know? Ha! Stay tuned as we all find out just what is going to happen in the next exciting episode of:

A Halloween Carol: Episode 4 (with continuing profuse apologies to Mr. Dickens!)

Editors note: in the event of a panda cam shutdown at The National Zoo, there will be NO discontinuation of cartoons here at the Panda Chronicles! Huzzah! (Linked article is from the last time this happened! Apparently Pinky is not considered an “essential government worker”)

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

19 thoughts on “A Halloween Carol: Part 3

  1. Cameron Cat

    Ein Yiddisher Marley-bear? Who knew? Such a gantse macher, that one!

    Can’t wait to see what the ghosts are!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Well, yeah, once she is president, she will probably be considered an essential government worker. Do you think Congress is any match for Pinky?

        1. Winky Cat

          Remember Pinky, we agreed to leave “vote OFTEN” out of any “publicly posted” cubpaign material. We do not want to give your “competitors” {snicker} the idea you aren’t running a “beary squeaky-clean” cubpaign.

          Of course, here among close friends, “vote OFTEN” is a given and understood. Plus, you can “poof” anybody daring to vote for a DAWG or any other silly contender!

          1. Panda in Chief Post author

            PP: oh yeah…i forgot. Nebber mind, just remember to #VotePinky #Vote Early #VoteOften!

  2. Vicky V

    The Ghost of the Panda Kindergarten – an adorable yet terrifying thought!
    I can’t wait to see who plays the spirits and what they have to say.


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