5 hours to go on my Kickstarter project!

Dancing in the moonlight with Pandas

Dancing the "red dot" dance in the moonlight with Pandas!

In honor of the last 5 (or is it now 4?) hours of my Kickstarter project, I thought that I would do the Red Dot Dance under the moon (with pandas).  For anyone who was in my neighborhood last night, I hope you were not shocked.  Apparently the dance is working, but we’re not quite done yet.  I still need $700 more to reach my goal and get all the funding.

Thank you for all your help so far.  I couldn’t do it without you all (and you know who you are!)

The panda kindergarten swears that they will release Mehitabel as soon as my goal is reached.  (They caught her again, as she was making a break for the front door)

You are all the bear!

Be the Bear!!!!!!

Bob T. Panda


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