On the 4th Day of Crisp-Moss…

..my panda cam did see…

The 12 Days of Crisp-Moss presents: On the 4th Day of Crisp-Moss!

four pandas sneaking...

four pandas sneaking…

...and a Pinky in a Hemlock tree!

…and a Pinky in a Hemlock tree! ( In case you enjoyed #OccupyHemlock)

Okay, everybody sing with me…
On the fourth day of Crisp-Moss, my panda cam did see:

Four Pandas sneaking,
Three Triplets napping,
Two Meihems plotting,
A Pinky in a hemlock tree!

Isn’t this fun?

Be the holiday bear and don’t drink too much eggnog!
Bob T. Panda

4 thoughts on “On the 4th Day of Crisp-Moss…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      You have no idea! I’ve been getting back into working in my yard (pushing the blackberries back where they belong) which seems to be very conducive to thinking up more verses for the 12 days of Crisp-Moss. I think you’ll like day 5.


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