31 Days of Pandas Presents:

The 12 Days of Crispmoss!!!!!

As I work in the yard, or stand under a hot shower, my mind tends to wander, and often it wanders into the realms of song parodies. Of course these days, all my song parodies are populated by pandas (Quel` Surprise!) so after one of these inspirations, I rushed up to my studio and wrote a rough draft of The 12 days of Crisp-moss.  

And so, without further fa-la-la-la, here we go! 31 Days of Pandas presents….

feel free to sing along.

feel free to sing along.

See you tomorrow!

Be the Holiday Bear!
Bob T. Ho Ho Ho Panda

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Pandas Presents:

  1. Sandy Reuscher

    Interesting that you start with Pinky in the Hemlock since apparently she’s refusing to come down tonight. She may be up there all 12 days.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I actually had no idea she was staging a Hemlock sit in. I just left FB and she was still in her tree, with no soigné of coming down. It was a complete coincidence. I am innocent, I tell you! I’m pretty sure she does not read my blog on her ipaw.


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