Yes, I am an Icon

During the great Smithsonian Smackdown, I kept flashing on that comment made so many years ago by John Lennon, when the Beatles were at the height of their popularity. During an interview, he made a comment that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ, which started a storm of not so favorable opinions of the fab four.

I wanted to say (and probably did), lighten up, for crying out loud! He meant it as a joke! 

So, when Princess Pinky Bao Bao won the Smithsonian Icon contest against the American Flag and Woody Guthrie, who could blame me if that old news story went through my head?

What can I say? Princess Pinky is an icon, and it’s her birthday this week. Lighten up!

Here’s another of my favorite Princess Pinky cartoons, to help you could the hours (minutes, seconds) till Saturday.

Bao Bao in her pajamas

Just the thing for a cozy evening at home with mom and the panda cam!

Only one more shopping day!

Be the bear
Bob T. Panda

6 thoughts on “Yes, I am an Icon

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      And it’s super soft…just the thing for a quiet evening at home, maybe talking on the phone or on-line with the Meihems!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It is more important to look good, than to behave well, at least according to Princess Pinky.


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