12 thoughts on “What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

    1. Bob T Panda

      Yes you should! I will post a picture of my work table….it is beginning to look like a book warehouse! I just signed your book today! Huzzah! Don’t go stand by the mailbox yet, though. I probably won’t get them packed and mailed out before next week. :o)

          1. Bob T Panda

            Over the years I’ve had many gallery shows for my paintings and the early ones made me so nervous I’d just about collapse. I still love them…kind of like being prom queen, without the uncomfortable clothes, but I don’t get too nervous now. But publishing a book….wow! I like to look at all of them all piled up on the table….. Next step, putting labels on everything and sending them off to my happy panda fans! Huzzah!

          2. mskatykins

            This is just so wonderful. Congratulations on all of your artistic success, it is really well deserved. There are going to be an awful lot of happy Panda fans this Christmas. 🙂

          3. Bob T Panda

            Thanks to you all, this dream is a reality. I seem to be overflowing with schmoopiness, but don’t worry…after the panda kindergarten gets out of ..um…time out (or is that “time served”?) the fun will ratchet up to it’s usual level of seriousness. (or lack there of).
            And yes there will pandas under many trees, delighting the happy recipients, except for those that say…”but I WANTED new underwear.” Thank you again for being such a loyal fan. If you get down to Edinburgh, do say hi to Lady MacBear and sunshine for me.

          4. mskatykins

            Yes, I need to go to Edinburgh to see them. There’s no excuse for me not to now that I am back living on the mainland. I have a friend who is Panda crazy, I’m sure I can convince her to come with me at some point. It’s too cold right now, maybe in the new year! 🙂

          5. Bob T Panda

            A must do trip…I have a little confession to make…I was in Scotland very briefly, earlier this fall, and I got to see them! Sorry I didn’t alert my Scottish fans that I would be there, but it was such a short trip and I didn’t know if or when we’d actually get to the zoo, or get to see the pandas. Hint, if you get there right at opening time, they keep a number (I don’t know how many) of “panda appointments” for first come, first serve “day of” tickets. They don’t charge extra to see the pandas, but you do need a reservation or to get there early.

  1. Jaow Totoro

    Awww unca Bob! I really want one. When will they arrive to the book store in Thailand?? Can’t wait!! I better buy online lol

    1. Bob T Panda

      I don’t know if they will come to a bookstore in Thailand, but I do know you can get them online through Amazon. use this link: https://www.createspace.com/4011493 to get to my “store” page and you can order there. Unfortunately I can’t sign your actual book, but I just ordered “bookplates (with the scottish panda kindergarten on it!) and I can sign that and mail it to you. Send a private email to yourbrainonpandas@gmail.com and send your address (don’t do it here!) and I can send you a signed book plate to go in your book!


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