Welcome to the Panda Chronicles

Hi, and welcome to the panda chronicles! Mehitabel is allowing me to to make a few comments for her blog. I first became obsessed by pandas when I read a James Fallows article in the Atlantic Monthly about the panda ranches in China. OK they don’t actually call them “ranches” but that’s what I call them. I’ll be posting cartoons about cats, pandas, and cats AND pandas. hope you like them.
Miz “b”

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Panda Chronicles

  1. Littlefoot

    A wonderful site, and absolutely hilarious panda cartoons! I will be following your blog for sure. Thank you Mehitabel and Miz “B” for sharing your panda obsession.

  2. Judy Bates

    Oh, goody, this is going to be fun! Love it, Annie a.k.a. Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Will be checking in often. XO Blanche

  3. surrounded by carnivores

    Great. This will be almost as much fun as whiling away hours on Facebook. Wait, wait…Ari said that it will be ‘way better. He likes Pandas (not cats ;-P


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