Open Season on Bunnies

Mehitabel here with the latest field and stream report…. well, I wasn’t really in a stream, but we’ve been having a bit of rain recently and I got all WET while I was out… um… shopping. So there I was, bringing my faithful servant a really nice present, and she rushes out and makes me DROP it, and drags me in the house, rubs me with a towel, and then SHE LETS THE BUNNY GET AWAY!!!!!!! I ask you, is this how a grateful person reacts to a charming little present? I mean I didn’t even get to bite its’ little head off. I may have to go back out on strike again if she keeps this up. And don’t even talk to me about birds. (The brightly colored ones taste the best, you know.)
Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully she’ll let me out of the house soon, and then……
Panda On!

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