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Give Pinky all Your Money Now!

Yes, it’s that time of year, when your favorite public radio station starts whining and pleading to get you to support them, and National Pinky Radio is no exception.

I must admit, that I feel a little bad about making fun of a worthy cause, but that’s never stopped me before. I am a big public radio fan, and when I actually have income, I support them with my meager pledge of support. After all, I get some of my best ideas of other things to make fun of from listening to Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

Pinky needs stuff and she needs it now!

Pinky needs stuff and she needs it now!

And speaking of Princess Pinky (we were speaking of the Princess, weren’t we?)  Newsletter subscribers (at least those who opened their email) have gotten to see a sneak peak of the cover of the next exciting volume collected cartoons,  The Panda Chronicles Book 5: Pandapocalypse NOW! And having done my duty to my most faithful followers, I’m going to show you guys as well!


Are you ready?

It's Pink, but still kinda, um...dangerous!

It’s Pink, but still kinda, um…dangerous!

Pinky whining and pouting all the while graciously agreed to share the book with the Meihem twins of Zoo Atlanta, because…well, she really didn’t have much choice. Actually, so many of their stories are so intertwined that I could hardly separate them out if I wanted to.

There’s more coming up from Inspector Panda this week, as well as a few announcements about Pandamorphosis. Stay tuned, Panda fans!

Be the Beart,
Bob T Panda