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I’m Ready For My Close Up

Is Bubba ready for his close up? We will see! Out in the real world, he has already met many of his most adoring fans during Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) special debut. Membership does have its privileges!

But what does Pinky think about all this? Is she ready to share the spotlight with her younger, extremely adorable brother?

I'm ready for my close up!

I’m ready for my close up

Poor Bubba. He just wants to do everything that Pinky does. I’m glad he got his wardrobe issues resolved. :o) It is just exhausting being a public panda!

And speaking about public pandas in Washington State (were we?) I am closely following the news about the effort to bring pandas to the Pacific Northwest. Bamboo grows really easily here. Ask anyone whose neighbors have planted it! No big news as of yet, but I am monitoring the situation closely. Never fear!

Don’t forget to tune in again on Friday for another encore presentation of Fabulous Furry Friday and again on Sunday for Bubba’s debut cartoon. (This has all been the behind the scenes scoop, that for some strange reason, the zoo does not share with us. Aren’t you glad I bring you the REAL story?)

Till then,
Be the Bear,
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Bob T. Panda