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To Bee, or not to Bee…that is the bear!

The path of creativity is usually a twisting path.  You just never know what thing you see or read or hear, that will spark a connection, and I am no exception to this process.  For instance, my Scottish Panda cartoons, which had some Shakespearian inspiration, in turn sparked my brother’s imagination and resulted in his 31 plays in 31 days project, The Scottish Panda Plays.

When David Neel Of Island Apiaries offered an add on bonus of honey to my Kickstarter project (now in it’s last 6 days! Visit it before it’s too late!) I started thinking about bees and bears and how they both started with the letter ‘B’ and came up with Bee, the Bear.  (OK, it seemed like an obvious connection to me!) Bee was an instant hit when I posted her picture on facebook and so I decided (well, actually, she insisted) to make a poster for her.

Bee, the Bear.

Meanwhile our Kickstarter project is at 80% with only 6 more days to go!  If you’ve already supported it, many, many thanks (and tell all your humor loving friends) and if you haven’t you know what to do!

Bee, the Bear says Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda