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Princess Pinky wants her pandacam back on NOW!

Sigh….I try not to be too blatant in my personal opinions, but ya know, sometimes a bear just has to put his two-cents in the hat in the ring.  Or something like that.

Two news stories today made me realize that the situation has just gone way beyond  ludicrous. The unconscionable behavior by the Republicans in the House that refuse even to let a vote on the budget be taken is irresponsible in the extreme.  And the news stories?  Story #1 is about a Republican Congressman who berated a Park Service Ranger for “not doing her job” when it was the House’s unwillingness to act that closed the park in the first place.

Story #2 which I have not read any updates on, but it appears that this morning, there was a shooter/sniper shooting at Congress.  Now, I detest violence, and I’m not a fan of guns, but if a peace loving panda is reduced to screaming at the radio when ever a Republican congressperson is telling lies about WHY the government has been shut down, imagine what would happen if an unstable person with access to firearms has his or her financial support cut off because of said inaction of Congress.   I’m sure the irony of this situation is lost on those* who refused to enact reasonable gun control legislation. (* Republican/ tea party)

And then, there is the pandacam:

How much can a small panda stand?

How much can a small panda stand?

Like Pinky said: The Affordable Care Act is already a law. (and the Supreme Court said it’s OK) Get over it and let everyone get back to work. Alright? And quit trying to blame it all on the President.

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda