Recap #3: The Inspector Panda Mysteries

We’re back with the next recap of The Case of the Picturesque Panda, Inspector Panda’s latest (and hopefully more successful than his other) case. Starting with Wednesday’s post, the recaps will run Monday through Friday, taking the weekends off, as we prepare for 31 Days of Pandas, aka PanDaWriMo.

But first, I want to share another Kickstarter project that the Panda Advisory Board thinks worthy of your attention.  When I was doing my Kickstarter project to bring you the first volume of The Panda Chronicles: Your Brain on Pandas, there was another project that was on at about the same time, which I backed. It was the Kerfluffles Marshmallow projects, and as a bear who enjoys sweet treats, the idea of homemade fluffy goodness was too much for a panda to resist. Plus, when I commented on the project, using my pandy persona, Spring revealed her daughter’s fondness for pandas, they supported my project, and another pandy connection was formed.

Kickstarter, at it’s best, is not only a way to raise money for a project. It can also create connections, loyal fans and followers, and maybe even lifelong community among creative folks.  I like to share my most favorite projects with those who have supported me, when I think the project is something special. I especially like to share these worthy projects when the project creator is extraordinary as well. The Gamer Fuel Cookbook is one of these projects.

kickstarter update #2 100 res

Spring Barnickle and her husband and family created the Kerfluffles Marshmallow project. It was meant to be a modest project, only planning to raise a small amount of money, to test the waters for a home grown business. Instead of raising $2,000 with a few hundred supporters, the project raised over $100,000, with over 2600 supporters. Huzzah, you might think, right?

Not so fast, my panda compadres!

The tsunami of backers changed the entire scale of the endeavor. Instead of a product fulfillment that could have been accomplished in a couple of weeks in a rented commercial kitchen, suddenly it was a full scale business needing a commercial space, specialized equipment, employees, permits, food handling inspections, and god knows what else. It also changed, because of many more fluffy delectable marshmallows to produce and ship, the expected delivery dates.

Most of their backers were understanding. “Hey, whenever they get here will be fine” was my feeling. A few unhappy vocal backers were not so understanding, and every time I read a comment from one of these people, it was all I could do to restrain myself…being a bear and ripping them a new one.

But they got their kitchen up and running, their website was beautiful, and fluffy nuggets of goodness were flowing out into the world.

Then disaster struck. A fire in another part of the commercial building destroyed the entire structure, destroying everything they had worked for. Everything was gone.

Having lived through a fire myself, I remember the feelings of desolation and hopelessness. But these are not the kind of people that will remain defeated. No, like a phoenix they are rising from the ashes with their love of food, creativity, and might I add, pandas, to create The Gamer Fuel Cookbook project. I hope you’ll check it out and join me in supporting them.

And now, how about some pandas!

Oh, that Mr Wu is a clever little bear! Is Madame du Panda trying to pull a fast one?

Oh, that Mr Wu is a clever little bear! Is Madame du Panda trying to pull a fast one?

Is this plot thickening, or what?

Is this plot thickening, or what?

Huzzah! We will return Sunday with either the next installment or a new cartoon. Depends on how long I can stay awake. :o)

And if you are wishing that you could have pandas at your fingertips anytime, day or night, do check out our The Panda Chronicles: The Books page! There you will find all FIVE volumes of the Panda Chronicles plus Pandamorphosis! Huzzah!

Have a Fabulous Furry Friday, and get ready for more from Inspector Panda! Huzzah!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

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    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Well, um…and there will recipes for adorable little pies and …um…things with chocolate. You could call this support “enlightened self interest.” :o)))))
      Bring on the snacks!


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