Pandas Win the Gold in Pairs Figure Skating

Well it was a proud day for pandas everywhere!  Pandas ( that most graceful of animals) have managed to win the gold medal for pair figure skating in Vancouver BC this week.  I myself am quite the skater, but I have been unable to participate, due to the fact that I recently got a traffic ticket for “operating a vehicle under the influence of bamboo” last week. How was I to know that the bamboo had fermented?   I had my lucky panties packed and ready to go to Vancouver, when I had my unfortunate meeting with the state patrol.  How was I to know that cruise control is NOT the same thing as automatic pilot?   Anyway, I was turned back at the border, so I just had to watch on TV.

Till next time,

Panda ON


One thought on “Pandas Win the Gold in Pairs Figure Skating

  1. Henry Nicholls

    Bob. I lOVE your panda cartoons. I am writing a book on the history of pandas and am very interested in how cartoonists have “used” the panda since the 1960s. Would you get in touch? I’d really like to run a few ideas past you and perhaps interview you for the book.


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