One step for a small bear….

Just heard that Neil Armstrong, the first man (that we know of) to walk on the moon (well, our moon, anyway) has just died.  Here is a cartoon that was inspired by his remarks on that historic occasion.

And of course, here is the obligatory Kickstarter link to get out of the way:

  Go in peace, Neil.  You are the bear.

Bob T. Panda


10 thoughts on “One step for a small bear….

      1. mskatykins

        Wow – in cat years you must be ancient! 😉 Lol!

        It’s nowhere near as good as your ‘toons, in fact I’ve just been talking to my mother who thinks it’s also very mean. I told her that the Spineless Wonders are often very mean… he he! 🙂

        1. Bob T Panda

          We do not talk about my age.
          I don’t know if you are a devotee of Dilbert, but Scott Adams (the creator there-of) has a theory about what makes a ‘toon funny. He calls it the 2 of 6 rule and your cartoon must have at least 2 of these attributes to be funny and not MERELY cute (or mean)
          the six attributes are: 1) cuteness 2) mean-ness 3) naughty-ness 4) bizarre-ness 5) recognizability 6) clever-ness
          Use them wisely. Just because a cartoon is mean, doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. But if it’s JUST mean, it might not be.

  1. Faith Wilder

    Sweet Memorial – inspiration to honor the inspiration of 50 years ago – still alive today…



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