Look Out, Mehitabel, the Panda Kindergarten is at it Again….

As many of my faithful readers may remember, a few months ago, I came to you for assistance with my Kickstarter project (which was successfully funded, in no small part thanks to fans of the pandas.)   I just wanted to tell you about another Kickstarter project that is worthy of your attention.

My friends, Vicky and Tom Brown had a dream.  Well, it was mostly Vicky’s dream, but Tom, being the exceptional guy that he is, has gone way beyond the beyond in helping to make Vicky’s dream come true.  Fortunately for those of us lucky enough to live on Whidbey Island, Vicky’s dream to have a working goat farm and dairy has come to pass.  Full disclosure, I am not a disinterested party here.  I love the cheese that Vicky and her girls (the goats) make at the Little Brown Farm.  My favorites are her Caprine Creme and Caprizella and consume vast quantities whenever possible.

While I am usually making fun of many things here at The Panda Chronicles,  the panda kindergarten has thrown their support behind The Little Brown Farm in a serious way.  Check out their project here:


and then join the panda kindergarten in supporting Vicky and the girls.

Mehitabel is counting on it.

Note: No cats were actually harmed during the making of this cartoon, although they definitely were offended.


They have 23 more days to get all their funding, so there is no time to lose!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

PS, this is my 300th post! Huzzah!

7 thoughts on “Look Out, Mehitabel, the Panda Kindergarten is at it Again….

  1. Deb Lund

    I am so, so tickled about your trip! And I’m always for saving cats, observing pandas, and trying goat cheese. Can’t wait to see the post-Italy pieces. I wonder if you’ll see any pandas there? Do they like cheese, too? Or egg painting?

    1. Bob T Panda

      Thank you for your comments, your support, and your friendship. It is a little known fact that pandas actually love cheese. They prefer Little Brown Farm’s Caprine Creme, dipping their bamboo into it for extra yummy-ness. I have heard stories of an ancient band of pandas that have been sighted at night in the Boboli Gardens. It is for this reason that the Bobli no longer has a bamboo garden. They have also had to take extra security measures at the museum at the Pitti Palace, as last year a panda was caught licking off an entire egg tempera painting from the 16th century. “I thought it tasted a little stale, but I couldn’t find any bamboo in the garden.”

  2. smartalek1

    You are familiar with the classic National Lampoon mag cover, with a handgun held to the head of a worried-looking dog, and a headline very like your punch, yes?
    Not to worry.
    Was it Twain who pointed out that all artists borrow, but great ones steal?

    1. Bob T Panda

      It may very well have been Twain who said that, but I remember one of my painting mentors, Jack Beal saying, “Lie, cheat and steal, and steal from the best.” I have always tried to follow this advice. I do have some vague recollection of that National Lampoon cover. Must have been stuck in my brain along with all those Beatles lyrics and TV commercial jingles.


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