Inspector Panda in His Feature Debut

I know, I know, I’ve been promising this for a long time, but what with one panda then another, and Princess Pinky being so. very. insistent. that it is all about her, what’s a panda satirist to do? And I might add, I do have a few other things on my plate besides writing and drawing panda cartoons all day. (subliminal message…buy….more….books….)

Anyway, at long last, I am starting Inspector Panda’s epic (I hope) saga, starring Robert Thelonious Panda as Inspector Panda, Mr. Wu as his erstwhile assistant, and Babette de Panda as the troubled and troubling femme fatale!

(Special note to Princess Pinky: while this story is NOT about the Highway closing hacker incident, that case is still open, and Inspector Panda never closes a case unsolved.  Just sayin, ‘kay?)

If "trouble" ever had a proper name, that name is Babette de Panda...

If “trouble” ever had a proper name, that name is Babette de Panda…

As a rather geeky illustrator/cartoonist side note, I decided to make a switch from using technical pens for my drawings, to old fashioned dip pens.  I’m thinking that I can get a much more expressive  and varied line with them.  Just part of my evolution as a comics artist. (plus then I get to buy some new stuff in the art catalogues. Huzzah!)

Be the Bear and Panda On!
Bob T. Panda (not to be confused with Robert Thelonious Panda)

6 thoughts on “Inspector Panda in His Feature Debut

  1. djcollett

    Hmmmmm….”Bob T. Panda”…..”Robert Thelonius Panda”….methinks there is too much of a coincidence here. the interest of Panda Satire, I won’t tell anypanda about my suspicions. Besides, I think Babette is about to upset his fruitycart. Film at 11!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Babette buys all her clothes in paris, of course. Stay tuned for more from Inspector Panda!

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