Celebrate All Things Panda!

Pandas Need YOU! The board of panda proliferation informs us that while we have gained significant ground in bringing panda satire to panda lovers, we are not bringing panda satire to panda lovers EVERYWHERE!  And so we come to you, bamboo in paw, to ask for your help.  Now, we don’t want you to forward the link to this blog to people who don’t like pandas, or worse, have no sense of humor (heaven forfend!)  But, if you have one or two or three or twenty friends who might enjoy a panda or two arriving in their computer a couple times a week, please introduce them to Bob T. and the gang here at the panda chronicles.  We will be ever so grateful!

And if you really want to help pandas real and imaginary, buy stuff with pandas (well, with my pandas, anyway) on it from Pandyland at Cafe Press.  Once I get to a very modest level of sales, I will be able to donate some of the proceeds to our good friends at Pandas International.  A quick click on the link at the righthand side of the page will whisk you away to Pandyland!  Huzzah!

Thank you and Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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