The Panda Chronicles Book 7: don’t call mee boo boo!

The Panda Chronicles Book 7: don’t call mee boo boo!

Book 7 of the Panda Chronicles brings Pandamonium galore inside the cheerful, blue cover!

When pandas meet politics, PANDAMONIUM is sure to follow! The latest collection from The Institute of Contemporary Panda Satire features one of our newest pandas at the Pinksonian Zoo. Featuring Bubba and big sister Princess Pinky, with appearances by the Meihems and the Panda Kindergarten, The Panda Chronicles Book 7 delivers laughs aplenty.

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About the Book

2015 brought a new cub to the National Zoo in Washington DC, and wouldn’t you know, he was born the day before Pinky’s second birthday party, totally ruining her party plans. Is that any way to start off a sibling relationship? It is if you are a cartoon panda with big ideas and a predilection for world domination.

Mr Bun has a question, daddee.

The pandamonium continues as Bubba grows up, Pinky runs for president, and an old adversary resurfaces.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Panda Chronicles Book 7: Don’t Call Mee Boo Boo! is our most fun book yet, and has a very calming blue cover that says, “Don’t panic! Everything will be okay!”

Series: The Panda Chronicles, Book 7
Genres: Comics, Humor, Panda Satire
Tags: comics, humor, pandas
Publisher: Leaping Panda Press
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 098838809X
ISBN: 9780988388093
List Price: $14.99
Bubba Approved! The Panda Chronicles is the best way to bring me home with you. And don't forget General Bun!
Psanda cartoons are beady therapeutic. Doctors Bubba and Pinky are here to help. Buy this book or I will *poof* you! Don't tell mommee, 'kay?
Pandas, politics, and da presidency! Dis book has it all!
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About the Author
Anne Belov

Artist and instigator of The Panda Chronicles

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