The Panda Chronicles Book 5: Pandapocalypse NOW!

The Panda Chronicles Book 5: Pandapocalypse NOW!
Series: The Panda Chronicles, Book 5
Tags: comics, humor, pandas, Recommended Books
Publisher: Leaping Panda Press
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 0988388065
ISBN: 9780988388062

She's small, she's furry, she wears pink, and she's a little bit dangerous: it's Princess Pinky starring in her own book, with some assistance (some might say interference) from the Meihem twins of Cublanta.
The Panda Chronicles are back again, with all your favorite pandas in addition to the American zoo's class of 2013. See why Princess Pinky was a first round draft pick for the Panda Kindergarten. This is panda satire at its most outrageous.

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About the Book

Oh My Gosh!!!! The Pandapocalypse is upon us!!!!!

The Panda Chronicles is back with volume 5 and it’s not a moment too soon! When apocalypse might be right around the corner, you need pandas, now more than ever!

Princess Pinky and the Meihem twins join Bob T., Babette de Panda, Mehitabel the cat, Mr Wu and the whole panda kindergarten for more fun than a barrel of um…pandas.

"They'll never catch me!"

With guest appearances from Rusty the red panda and others!

You’ll want to hold onto your lucky panties, because Princess Pinky is a force to be reckoned with. See why Pinky was a first round draft pick for the panda kindergarten and the great Wu Self was toppled from his lofty position of cub of the year.

They’re black, white and ready to rumble, not to mention pink and just a little bit dangerous.

"Do you know who I am????" Yeah, we do.

“Do you know who I am????” Yeah, we do.


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