The Panda Chronicles book 3: Nobody Expects the Panda Kindergarten

The Panda Chronicles book 3: Nobody Expects the Panda Kindergarten
Series: The Panda Chronicles, Book 3
Genres: Comics, Grtaphic Novel, Humor, Panda Satire
ASIN: 0988388022
ISBN: 9780988388024

They're black, they're white, and they're ready to rumble! The panda kindergarten is back and they are more fun than ever. Who knew that behind their cuddly black and white exteriors, lay the hearts of anarchists? Join Bob T. Panda, Mehitabel the cat, and the whole panda crew for more fun with pandas. Nobody expects the panda kindergarten!

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About the Book

The panda kindergarten is back and they’re taking no prisoners!  Well, except of course, Mehitabel the cat, but it’s all in the name of fun and support for pandas.

Watch as the panda kindergarten competes in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Sit on the edge of your seat as the torch bears attempt to cross the English Channel in a row boat, to get the Olympic torch to London in time for the games.

Love the hobby horse on a spring (inspired by a REAL photo of a REAL panda on one.

Exciting equestrian events!

Join Bob T. Panda in his bid for the presidency, with Babette de Panda vying for the post of first girlfriend. Book three brings you everything you might expect from the panda kindergarten and more. They’re black, white, and ready to rumble!  Isn’t it time to be the bear?

About the Author
Anne Belov

Artist and instigator of The Panda Chronicles

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