Bikkie’s Existential Dilemma

Such a small panda to have such a big existential dilemma! The hopes of all humanity are riding on his furry adorable butt. I think the only thing that kept me from running and screaming and jumping off the Deception Pass Bridge, was the opportunity to watch tiny Bikkie on the panda cam, being snuggled and fed and bathed by his most excellent mommy panda, Mei Xiang.

Now he has reached the “pouncing on mommee” stage of his development, and the “trying to steal a little bit of Mommee’s fruity” stage. And so, now that we have survived thus far, and with hope of things getting better on the horizon, I guess I will stick around for the “climbing up the tree and refusing to come down” portion of Bikkie’s development!

Meanwhile, Bikkie still needs his Beary Poppins!

Ebbryone needs a Beary Poppins!

Book 9 update: It’s coming along! I hope to finish tuning it up soon!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “Bikkie’s Existential Dilemma

  1. billieandhersite

    Ebbrybody needs a Beary Poppee!
    And ebbrybody needs a Bikkie! Sweet little bear!
    Thank you for Beary Poppins, Frank and Mikey, Bikkie, Mommee, Daddee, Pinky, Bubba, Ping, And the Aunties and cousins.
    As I watch the lawyers for Trump who claim no procedural rights, a non President, and therefore he should not be tried by the Senate, I am happy that we are calling attention to Trump’s actions. He may not be convicted, but we have impeached his ass twice. We should try Trump for attempted bribery of the of the Georgia Secretary of State for the Popular Votes.
    Democracy is the worst possible government until all the other forms are considered.
    Love the interaction between Bikkie and Beary Poppee!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      We all need Bikkie and Beary Poppins ever so much!

      I am not ready to give up the possibility of T****’s conviction. He is evil. Nothing less than pure evil.


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