An award again….huzzah?

Well, it has happened again.  A kind and perceptive blogger, has decided that I am worthy of The Versatile Blogger Award.  It’s true, because everyone loves pandas, and everyone especially loves the panda kindergarten. Please don’t think I am an ungrateful bear, BUT  (and it is a big butt)  I fear that I am not able to fulfill the requirements of this award as my time here in pandyland is somewhat limited by attempting to do enough work to make a living.

All the same, I really, really, really, REALLY appreciate the thought from thoughtofvg on WordPress.  It’s just that I’ve already received the award  3 (or is it 4?) times before (once it was twice on the same day) and really I have run out of blogs that I have time to read and so to bestow this award upon.  Thank you for thinking of me, but I’m afraid I must pass.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

bob for pres

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