The Year in Pandas

Well, here we are at the dawn of both a new year, as well as a new decade.  We pandas have been quite busy this last year, what with preparing for the winter olympics, the Bob and Bob project ( that’s the one where I, Bob the Panda, sing all the songs of Bob Dylan, backed up by the all panda band, The Banda-Pandas).  We will be appearing on the Mehitabel Tonite! show some time in the future. But we were talking about LAST year: 2009 in Pandy-land!


The new year started out with the repercussions of Bob’s arrest for biting and mauling a young man who was very moved to hug Bob, because he is so very cute.  When interviewed about the incident on the Mehitabel Tonite! show,  Bob claimed, “It happened so fast…I just felt so, so…violated!”  As Bob did not have bail funds, he was held until his trial in February. Tune in next week for events in February and March of 2009!

Until then, Panda On!

Bob T. Panda

Consequences for hugging pandas

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