The Panda Repossession Crisis


I know, I know, Tai Shan’s relocation is for the good of pandas everywhere. Just think, his offspring could be the magic number 300th panda in captivity, thus ensuring pandas continuance and eventual world domination. But that happy day is somewhere in the future. I mean, other than his mom, he’s never even met a girl panda. 

Here’s an excerpt from an email he sent me on arriving at his new home in China:

“Dear Bob, It’s all so strange here. I don’t think I’m going to like it here. The other pandas all speak Chinese,  and they don’t let me watch my favorite shows on TV whenever I want to like I used to do at home. WE all have to sleep in a big dormitory.  What’s THAT all about? Hope they let me come home soon.”

We do too, Tai.

Panda on, BOB

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