Does the Right to Arm Bears Mix with Caffeine?

OK, so maybe I’m a little oversensitive when the name of a certain coffee company comes up, having toiled in the coffee mines of said company oh so many years ago, but what I heard on the news today kind of floored me.  Apparantly, This particular business establishment has chosen to allow it’s customers to carry guns, as long as they are not concealed.  Alright, I am not a panda in favor of guns, but it is law in Seattle, as well as many other places that people may own and carry guns as long as it is in the open. I may not agree with that, but for the time being must accept it.  According to the news story, activists on both sides of the issue choose to make their stand at the aformentioned ( or not mentioned ,as it were) coffee establishment. 

What puzzles me, is the coffee purveyor’s policy.  Having worked in retail many years, there is enough stress and unpleasantness in the job itself without adding the element of pistol totin’ folks not liking how you steamed their cafe latte.  It’s decaf for you, bub. Or how about if the baristas were armed? Nah, probably not a good idea, especially at the end of a double shift.

I’m just sayin’.

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