Embracing your inner panda

We’ve been so busy getting ready for Pandapalooza that we’ve totally gotten frazzled and bent out of shape. Not only that, but someone sent us an email reveqling that there are IMPOSTER PANDAS  being circulated around. (although I must admit, a chow, makes a rather convincing panda) Accept no substututes! demand a REAL PANDA! Anyway, we decided we need to slow down and embrace our inner panda.  Right now my inner panda is telling me to take a nap.

Panda On!!!

Bob T Panda ( By the way, I catagorically deny that the “BP” mess in the Gulf of Mexico has anything to do with “Bob Panda”)

2 thoughts on “Embracing your inner panda

  1. Dayle Gray

    Wow— I love Bob the Panda! This is terrific! I guess I need to start embracing my inner panda– who knows what will happen!


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