Mommee Mei has a Good Idea

Seriously, I consider myself extremely fortunate that I’m not trying to do my work AND trying to home school three bickering panda cubbies.What’s a panda to do? My sleeping habits are in tatters, there always seem to be piles of dishes in the sink, and I don’t know if democracy is actually over or if I can ever go back to the grocery store and not feel like everyone has a reverse magnetic force field around them. If I had to listen to Pinky and Bubba fight all day…well…

When will I wake up from this nightmare and discover that President Hilary has made Panda Satire a national treasure?

You can’t get more socially distant than sending everyone to their room!

Wands up, everyone!
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “Mommee Mei has a Good Idea

  1. billieandhersite

    This is so cute! Ping says a great deal in just one “Ping”. Mommee Mei is very clever. You are very clever. I am trying to make a mask. I think Dr. Jerome’s is the easiest, no sew.mask. We will see. I am also sleep deprived because of prednisone. Oh, look, a cookie! Love this toon!

  2. bankypig

    WOW! Miss Pinky certainly does have a BIG monitor screen! These ‘toons are helping to keep me a bit sane (as long as I avoid listening to or watching that fat orange faced idiot)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Only the best for Pinky! (Pinky: but boo boo gets a whole pencil AND a notebook! what is he complaining about?)
      I’m glad I’m helping to keep SOMEONE from going insane!


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