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Lunch on the Limpopo Part 2

Oh my, oh my! Seems like there may be crocodiles cruising the Potomac, looking for politicians to to chomp. The news has been very …what would you call it? Wild? Unbelievable? But in a year when so many things seem like they should be beyond belief, I’m trying not to think, “oh, this is one more thing of no consequence…something I never thought I would see, and yet, there seem to be no consequences.” Are crocodiles lunching on hunters any more unbelievable? The Limpopo seems a benevolent place, compared to what is happening in Washington DC.

Stay tuned.

But now, Lunch on the Limpopo Part 2!!!!


You just can’t trust crocodiles.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there, pandas and human (okay, and puppies and kittens et al) here’s a bonus Mom’s day ‘toon for you!

What goes around, comes around…

Panda On!
BobT Panda

Episode 10: The Discovery of KittySue

Quick! Go upstairs! Rescue Banky Pig and General Bun! The discovery of KittySue is sure to be shocking to the panda family! What with the devastation in the kitchen of the pandas’ cottage, who knows what horrors will be waiting for them upstairs!

What discovery is waiting for them upstairs? Isn’t the devouring of Babee bear’s cuppycake bad enough????


The discovery of the terrible crime in the pandas’ house…

Panda On
Bob T Panda

Here Comes Easter Panda!*

With apologies to Deborah Underwood, whose series of picture books inspired by her cat, Bella Underwood, features a character called (appropriately enough) Cat. Among the titles is Here Comes Easter Cat, and if you’re looking for a book for the favorite child in your life, I can recommend this series wholeheartedly. Although, if you wanted to write a book about the Easter Panda, Deborah, I think I know some people who would enjoy it.  And speaking of the Easter Panda ….

The panda kindergarten has been very, very good….mostly.

What’s Black and White and carries cuppycakes in a basket?


A tiskitt a taskitt , a great big wheelie basket!

Alas…Easter is not the only event on the horizon…Tax Day approaches, as well….


Uh oh…it’s the Pinky Revenue Service!

Will Bob ever learn? will Mehitabel ever get the better of the panda kindergarten?

Along with everything else that’s been going on in the world, (stop bombing stuff, Donny! Making things go BOOM is not especially presidential!!!!) Last week marked to 3rd anniversary of the death of my very dear friend, Jude. It definitely adds insult to injury that she’s not here to talk us down off the ledge during these trying times. I wrote this cartoon for her, to make myself feel better (as if!!!!) and in hopes that in heaven, everyone gets their own panda.


As you know, pandas are big fans of Shakespeare.

And one last note…maybe they could get the panda kindergarten to show the White House how to have an Easter Egg Hunt….

Panda On!
Bob T Panda


Episode 6: What fresh horror awaits?

Oh…you thought I was talking about the current news when I said what fresh horror awaits?

Ha ha! I have no idea how you made that mistake. I was talking about what’s going on in the cozy cottage of the three pandas and what the diabolical KittySue is up to in the aforementioned cozy cottage.

We’re on the edge of our seats! No more accounts of any stupid dreams you are having about cake! On with the show!

Episode 6: KittySue and the Three Pandas, coming right up!

what fresh horror

…and she ate the just right cuppycake all up!

Panda On
Bob T Panda

What do Pandas do on Friday ?

That’s for us to know and you to (try to) find out. Fabulous Furry Friday brings you the best in recycled  encore presentation panda humor, every Friday! Huzzah!

But first, you might want to hop over to Whidbey Life Magazine and read my post about meeting my on-line panda friends in real life! Huzzah again! You can read other articles there too, but since they’re not about me, you don’t have to.

Pinky made me say that.

Now, hurry up with those ‘toons, okay?????

Varooooooomba! Thanks to Lynnie Ness for alerting us to the “off label” use of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner.

Did he really have to tell them THAT???? Getting ready for the Panda Season of Love!

And then there was Henry Nicholls’ article about wild pandas….

Thanks guys! No, really.

But what do we really know about wild pandas?

The secret lives of the wild panda!

No nonsense to be found here!

Panda on everyone!
Bob T Panda

A Farewell to Pandas

We knew this day was coming… the day when we would have to bid a fond farewell to the light and the hope of Washington DC, the inimitable Bao Bao. Here, in these pages, she is better know as Princess Pinky, the terror of Connecticut Avenue, purloiner of Banky Pigs, and tormentor of little brothers. I did not set out to make her a tyrant. It’s just how she evolved. And, I gotta say, she has been a blast to write and draw, and just because the actual Boa Boa is being sent to her ancestral homeland, it’s no reason that Pinky can’t remain here.

Sorry Bubba. She refused to go.

So, as she prepares for her journey later this month, let’s have a tribute to Princess Pinky!!!

Pinky tests her powers….

Pinky has always stood for…um…Pinky’s rights! Aw…this was a cake walk to what’s coming now.

National Zoo cub makes mom Mei Xiang disappear

Pinky gets her wand!

Princess Pinky is fooled by Mei Xiang at the National Zoo

Oh Princess Pinky, mom has a trick or two up her paw, I think…

Princess Pinky paper doll

Princess Pinky and her very first tutu, gifted to her by her big brother Tai Shan!

deleted footage from press conference

Pinky answers difficult questions from the press in her own way. So much for Fake News!

Don’t worry, we’ll bring you more of Pinky’s greatest hits all through February!

And hold on to your hats! Book 7 of The Panda Chronicles is making it’s way through production and will hopefully be available by the time of the Atlanta Cubvention! Stay tuned to this station. And in the meantime, make sure your library is up to date with all the other Panda Chronicles collections!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda!

If you thought the second week of November was bad…

So…. we’re not going to wake up from this, are we? As I listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, it becomes increasingly clear that I am NOT hallucinating, experiences with mind altering drugs in the ’70’s notwithstanding. (Um…Chas, don’t mention this to mom, okay?) So, if you thought November was depressing (despite it being my birthday season) just wait till you experience January 20th!

It’s gonna be YUGE!


Can I open my eyes yet?

Interestingly (well, to me, anyway) I wrote this BEFORE the intelligence report was released last week. Just saying. The prognosticatory potential of pandas is prodigious!!!!

I will panda on till they lock me up!
Bob T Panda

And may I say, the next books on my to buy list are the graphic novel series March, the real life story of Congressman John Lewis. I’ve been wanting to read these for a while, but his current example of speaking out according to his convictions gives me hope.

What if we wished …

What if we wished on the moon…do you think it might happen then? In Pandamorphosis, the cat wishes on the moon that she would be loved as much as the pandas were. It didn’t quite turn out the way she planned, now did it?

So, if Lun Lun wished that her girls would always be as sweet as they are now…


Would it be such a bad thing?

Well, it COULD happen like that.

Panda On
Bob T Panda

What could it hurt?

Where there are pandas, there is hope

We now return to our regularly scheduled pandas. I am so sorry to bring you the sad news of Mehitabel’s real life passing. It has taken the wind out of my sails. It is the first time in almost 21 years, without the sound of the pitter patter of little paws. I hope I will have another cat, just not yet.

In the meantime, her fictional counterpart is not going anywhere. Who would keep these pandas in line is she were gone? The show must go on!


Panda Trek 2: The Next Generation

Panda On
Bob T Panda

Note: Mehitabel came to me in a dream last night, and wanted me to take note of the fact that FAR more people were commenting on the post about her, than they ever had on anything panda.

Really, I want to thank all who have written and offered their sincere and heartfelt condolences. I know many of you have walked this same path, and that we will again, because in the end, all you need is love, and to be loved by a cat (and let me tell you, they can be really particular about who they love) is the greatest gift of all.

Day 22: 31 Days of Pandas

Well, I’m am running low on photos of Mini Bob from his London trip, so I will save those for days that I don’t have a cartoon to go with the the post of the day.

This year has been a hard year, not just because so many things about our future are in peril, due to the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. We lost so many luminaries from both the public and private sectors. Leonard Cohen, whose music provided the soundtrack of my tortured late teens and early 20’s, David Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder, who is one of my all time favorite actors, Alan Rickman, who I grew to know in more roles than just Professor Snape. How could you be gone? There are so many more who departed this year, I can’t even name them all.

And then there are those from the home front who have left us all on our own. Sheryl Goldfinger, an artist and all around lovely person, this week succumbed to cancer after several rounds of treatment and remission. She will be missed in our small community, and by all who knew her. The only good thing is that she does not have endure 4 years of trumptastrophe. But bad that we don’t have her to keep us from going down that particular rabbit hole. Say “hi” to Alan Rickman for me, okay, Sheryl?

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here*”


As you know, pandas are big fans of Shakespeare.

Panda On, wherever you are are.
Bob T Panda

  • WM Shakespeare