All Pinky, all the Time…

Here’s another of Pinky’s greatest hits, in celebration of her first birthday!

Bao Bao, Smithsonian Magazine cover

Beware, the power of the paw!

Bear the bear!
Bob T. Panda



4 thoughts on “All Pinky, all the Time…

  1. Ann Feldman

    So you are working on a fifth (or is it fourth) panda book! I can hardly wait. And Pinky will be a “cobber bear” again..Huzzah!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes, it will be the fifth book in the series. I can hardly believe it! And yes, even though there are other pandas in the book, Pinky will be the “cobbler” bear! Huzzah! I have a drawing of her where she looks particularly demented, which will go nicely with the title of “Pandapocalypse Now!” I’ve been going through my rather luddite-ish method of organization: I take the actual drawings (one per page) and put them in the order that I think moves the story lines forward best, which is not necessarily the order in which they were posted. Then I have to find them on my computer. wheee! Call out the panda kindergarten!


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