And the Award Goes To…

Sigh…another cycle of the MacArthur Foundation Awards have come and gone, and yet another year when Panda Satire has not been recognized. There is a bright spot, however, even if it did not come to me personally. One award went to Gene Luen Yang, a graphic novelist, who is also the current US Ambassador of Children’s Literature. This is at least the second graphic novelist who has received this award, so I am taking this as an excellent sign that my graphic novel will get published and maybe even sell well. What the heck! Might as well be optimistic about the whole thing, right?

So, once again, here is my annual plea to the MacArthur Foundation to recognize Panda Satire as a worthy recipient of this award!

Why IS there no MacArthur Fellowship for Panda Satire, anyway?

Why IS there no MacArthur Fellowship for Panda Satire, anyway?

And in other news, for the last week, they have been announcing the winners of The Nobel Prize in various categories, with the Nobel Prize for Literature having been announced yesterday. Once again, Panda Satire has been ignored.

But what IS Panda Satire, anyway? We’re glad you asked!

Panda Satire, explained

Panda Satire, explained, not to mention, the first sight of the magical wand, two years before the birth of Pinky.

This just in!!!! The Nobel Prize for Literature goes to: The very Bob Dylan! I have always thought that he was one of the most profound poets to ever strum a guitar, and I couldn’t be happier! (Well, unless they awarded a prize in Panda Satire, but like that’s ever gonna happen.) Huzzah and congratulations to Bob Dylan (aka the other “Bob”) on this well deserved honor.


I just found out that October 1st was 24 hour comic day. Obviously I have been way too busy to find out in good time that this was happening. I will try to do better next year. In the meantime, here are some more panda classics for this Fabulous Furry Friday!

page 036 - meet the pandas copy

Inspired by my discovery of the San Diego Zoo website!

Inspired by my discovery of the San Diego Zoo website!

Speaking of being mauled by bears...

Speaking of being mauled by bears…I’m really hoping to go visit the panda ranches next year!

Privacy Policy Implementation

Privacy Policy Implementation…never let the pandy kindy get access to your panty drawer!

Have a great weekend! Stay tuned for more from Pinky’s campaign to achieve the Pink House!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

10 thoughts on “And the Award Goes To…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      There is along answer and a short answer. The short answer is that I work almost all the time and completely let the housework go in favor of making art or cartoons. (And every now and then have to go into a frenzy of doing “real” stuff like house, yard work and laundry just so the place is not disgusting.) i guess that was the long answer too.
      Additionally, ever since I got organized enough to post on a schedule, I figured out how many cartoons I have to do a week to keep up. Now hat I have such a vast archive of ‘toons, Fridays are easy, because those are “encore presentations.”
      I try to work a little bit ahead, so that if I have an off week, I’m not scrambling to get a new cartoon done. Since I need 2 new ones per week, I try to do three or four so that I have ‘toons in the bank, so to speak. Mostly this works. And ever since I figured out how to schedule posts in advance (that only took me 5 years) I can make sure they go out to subscribers on time.
      Doing longer story lines where the story carries over from one day to the next helps with the writing, since I don’t have to find a way to wrap t up every ‘toon. I think you have a more difficult task since your cartoons have to incorporate a completely new gag and punchline in one or two frames each time.
      Note to other readers, check out Marti’s cartoons at

      1. Marti

        I’m even more exhausted after reading what you do…you Are trooper! I recall in my initial start phase posting 5 cartoons a week, that then dropped to 3 and now I’m on 1 a week. It gives me more freedom to do side projects….maybe your loyal readers would allow you a life and grant you 1 a week? 🙂

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Some people are saying that there would be rioting in the streets if I did that. I am sometimes tempted to drop down to one new ‘toon a week, and maybe once my graphic novel sells and I have to get into some serious production for the final art for that, I might throw myself on the mercy of my readers and do that. But till then, there are so many panda stories crowding my mind and I hate to make people wait a whole week for the next episode.
          I am just grateful I am not a daily ‘toon. Reading Bill Watterson’s schedule back when Calvin and Hobbes was running, it made me feel like I was being a lazy bum!
          You must have enough of an archive of ‘toons that you could post one new and one encore presentation a week. As I get new readers, they are happy to get more of the history and back story and long time readers get to reread their faves!

          1. Marti

            You do have a strong following and they are very gracious in their participation, so I hear you.PS I started a bit of an archive dip last week, just to see how it goes… if initial results are anything to go by, I lost one subscriber that week!

          2. Panda in Chief Post author

            Then they weren’t a “true” follower. Personally, I love rereading old favorite cartoons. Give me a book of Calvin and Hobbes, and I’ll re-read it till it falls apart. Give it some time and make it an “event” each week. I think it took some time to catch on here too.

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