31 Days of Pandas Starts Tomorrow!

Everyone is very excited around here because…..

31 Days of Pandas starts tomorrow!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!

I'm sorry, but this seems like Pinky is taking liberties...again!!!

“soon, dis will all be mine!!!!!”

Be the bear!

14 thoughts on “31 Days of Pandas Starts Tomorrow!

      1. linda diamond

        I would love to see you in the oval office but just think of the responsibilities. Is that something you really want to take on? I mean there wouldn’t be too much play time.

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Pinky: isn’t dat what minions are for? I thought I just get to tell ebbryone what to do, smile, wave, be in parades, and my minions will do all da work. I have a liddle brudder now, and he can do stuff for me (when he learns to walk better.)plus mommee can do stuff too.


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